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Learn About Ampicillin Trihydrate In Veterinarian Medicine

by Reginald Ruiz

There are so many great medicines in veterinarian care that can help when one of your pets is having a health issue. One of the types of medicines given frequently in the veterinarian field is ampicillin trihydrate, and this is the case for many reasons. This article will introduce you to this type of medication and help you to become more familiar with it. This can help you know what's going on with your pet's medical treatment faster and easier in the future when you take them in for an illness or another health-related issue. Here is more on ampicillin trihydrate: 

A basic description of ampicillin trihydrate

This medication serves as a broad-spectrum antibiotic. A broad-spectrum antibiotic is one that can be used to target many different types of bacteria, so it works well on all kinds of illnesses and infections. This is great because it makes this medication one that can be kept on hand and used for many issues. It also means that this is a good medicine to give an animal when the exact cause of an illness isn't known because there will be a good chance of the medication working. 

Some examples of the types of things that ampicillin trihydrate can treat include infections of the skin and soft tissue, such as those caused by animal bites, fence post scratches, or even illnesses where the skin infection is a secondary issue. It can also be given to treat infections throughout the body, including respiratory infections, sinus infections, and even urinary tract infections. 

This medication comes in a number of forms

Another thing that's great about this medication is that it comes in a number of forms, which works well when you are treating an animal that can be difficult to give medication to. It can come in capsule form so it can be put down their throat or hidden in some food or a treat. It can also come in tablet form depending on the dosage, which can be given much in the same way the capsules can be. It is also available in a liquid form, and this works well for many animals because you can just use a syringe to squirt the medicine in the back of their mouth so they swallow it without a fight. It can even be given in an injection form where it is injected under the skin or in the muscle, which can be easier for the pet owner and can also get the medicine working a little sooner.

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