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4 Types Of Acupuncture Techniques Used On Horses

by Reginald Ruiz

Acupuncture is a common medical technique used in Asia and has become widely accepted in the United States as well. Acupuncture can be used on all living beings. It is designed to be used on pets, such as horses, as well as humans. With your pets, the acupuncture needs are put in specific energy fields to get their body back into harmony; that is the driving idea behind acupuncture. There are four primary acupuncture techniques that your vet is most likely to use on your pet if you opt for acupuncture treatment.


This technique is really rooted in Chinese medicine. A warm herb is used together with the needle. The herb is literally warmed up and used in combination with the needles. This technique is designed to make the insert point warm and to put your pet at ease. The herbs will be used to literally warm-up your pet's skin


Aqua-puncture is a little different than moxabustion. With Moxabustion, an herbal or vitamin solution is contained within the needle. When the acupuncture needle is injected into your pet, the medicinal herbs and vitamins are injected into your pet's bodies. These medicinal herbs and vitamins are designed to help treat whatever is ailing your pet together with the aqua-puncture. It is a great way to combine two different natural ways of healing your pet together.


The most traditional way to insert acupuncture needles into your pet is through manual insertion. With this method, acupuncture needles are manually inserted through the top layer of your pet's dry skin. This is the most traditional and effective method used.


The last method that your pet acupuncturist may use is electricity. With this method, the needles that are inserted into your pet's top layer of skin are connected to electrodes. These electrodes are used to send electricity through the need. The amount of electricity is slowly increased. Electricity is used in order to stimulate your pet's nerves. This type of acupuncture is used most often to treat an area that has experienced trauma, such as the force of a car accident. It is use for deep injuries.

The type of technique your veterinary acupuncturist will use will depend upon the needs of your pet. Discuss what acupuncture techniques will best help treat your pet. Keep in mind that it will take multiple treatment sessions in order for you to see results. Acupuncture is about slowly changing your pets' body so that it is healthier. Contact an equine hospital for more help.