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Three Natural Ways To Ease Your Dog's Arthritis Pain

If your dog has developed arthritis pain as he or she has aged, then there are medications you can give for relief. But what if your dog, like so many, is sensitive or allergic to these medications? Thankfully, there are other ways to provide your beloved pet with the relief he or she deserves. Here are three natural ways to ease your dog's arthritis pain.


Acupressure involves applying pressure to specific points along your dog's body in order to alter the flow of energy through these points. Depending on where your dog is most sore, your acupressure practitioner can treat different points to alleviate the soreness. Acupressure is completely safe and natural, and there are no known side effects. Many vets who specialize in alternative and natural therapies offer acupressure; it is not too hard to find. Your dog may require treatment once or twice per week at first, but as he or she progresses you can reduce treatments to once every two weeks or so.


Look for a canine massage therapist in your area. These therapists perform massage strokes, much like a massage therapist would on a human, in order to stimulate blood flow and ease muscle tension in your dog's body. Much of the pain your dog is experiencing may actually come from the muscles, rather than the joints, since tight joints can put strain on the muscles over time. Massage will help ease this tension. Massage also helps increase blood flow to the joints, which will help reduce the pain of arthritis even further. Tell the massage therapist which joints on your dog are the sorest so that he or she knows to be careful in these areas.

Heating Pads

You've probably noticed that when you are sore, applying heat to the area helps alleviate the soreness. The same is true for your dog. Provide your dog with an electric heating pad to lie on when he or she prefers. The heat will help ease arthritic soreness, especially in the winter months. Just make sure you unplug the pad when you are not at home so it does not present a fire hazard.

Since all three of these treatments are safe and natural, you can use them in any combination to ease your dog's pain. Contact a company such as Downing Center For Animal Pain Management to talk to an alternative pet treatment expert to learn more about acupressure, massage, and other natural treatments available for your dog.

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